I welcome you all to our agribusiness investments world, it’s with a happy heart that we have made it this far thanks to our investors and stakeholders who have trusted, prayed, put their faith in us, we know without you we would not have made it this far. I thank you all.

It is an exciting time for Goldenscape Group Agribusiness Investment subsidiaries as we implement transformational new business strategies and approaches to each and every company. As part of this strategic transformation, we are building a world class agribusiness company with all the requisite licenses to work or to export our produce anywhere in the world, solidifying our network of international directors and partners, enhancing liquidity, and investing in carefully considered agribusiness investment opportunities that offer the opportunity for innovation, value addition, diversified risk and superior risk adjusted returns for our investors.

Since the first agribusiness company was founded more than a decade ago, we have conducted our business based on a simple philosophy of transparency and trust, and although our operations have evolved to adapt to the ever-changing investment landscape in global markets, these basic values, as well as our principles of investment, have largely remained the same.

This year we are celebrating our all agribusiness company’s anniversaries from the oldest to the youngest and when I look back to where we commenced it’s nothing short of dedication, hard work, keeping our word and overall doing the needful. We are creating a food secure world in our own small ways and improving lives with most important and the basic element in our lives; food.

Ladies and gentlemen that being said and done I would like to personally and be the first person to welcome you to our new package just for you as a token of appreciation which we have been working on and researching on for the last one year called GOLDENAGE MILLIONAIRES under our agribusiness companies, which is a package that have a certain return on percentage of your principal investment capital after the end of contract period besides the normal returns on investment paid after every agreed season. My comprehension on this package is, it’s a lifestyle, freeing you from the economic strains and start viewing life in another different light. For those almost retiring you can simply call it a ticket to your retirement life.

We have evolved from just a single country agribusiness investment company over the years to serving investors from all over the world. When we started our agribusiness investments, it seemed impossible but as a company we don’t believe in impossibility we believe in being optimistic. Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to the world of possible. As I always say Goldenscape Agribusiness investments are here to stay for the next generations as we have put measures necessary to make sure this will be the case.

As we continue on our journey towards success, we remain steadfast in our commitment to add real value to our investors and stakeholders while positively impacting the communities in which we operate.

Yours Faithfully,

Peter Wangai Muriithi,
Group Chairman and Chief Executive officer,
Goldenscape Group Limited.